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First inquisitor will be…

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Elf, DwarfHuman

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"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"

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new video up babes!  WHY I’M A….FEMINIST *gasp!!* *shock!!!1* *horror!!!!*

i know, i know.  gender equality is a terrifying thing here on the interwebs.  here are just a few (err…60) of the reasons i’m a feminist.

are you?

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*Restarts Bioware game*

Yeah! I’m going to make different choices and play entirely differently than last time!

*Makes the exact same choices and plays the exact same way.*

It’s just because I can’t bring myself to do the bad thing! I just can’t! NPCs could get hurt! D’:

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Rip Cullen’s noodle hair


you will be missed

Cullen got a perm

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If you follow me and you don’t love Dragon Age I’m sorry.

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I knew you wouldn’t let me down, FYV *slow clap*

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did anyone ever tell the Backstreet Boys why

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